DRAM Tester

My build of the DRAMARDUINO on a perfboard with an Arduino Nano.

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3M™ Textool™ 18 pin ZIF socket Arduino Nano Red LED Green LED 300 Ohm Resistors Mode Jumper


This is a build of the DRAMARDUINO DRAM Tester. The original DRAMDUINO was an Arduino Uno shield. This build uses a perfboard with an Arduino Nano. It supports 4164 and 41256 DRAM chips. Using the device is very simple. Instert a DRAM chip into the ZIF socket and press the reset button on the Arduino. The green light will blink and after around 80 seconds either the green light will become solid indicating a good DRAM chip or the red light will turn on indicating a bad DRAM chip.

Part List

Component Description Origin
3M™ Textool™ 18 pin ZIF socket DRAM socket Vetco Electronics
Arduino Nano Microcontroller eBay
330 Ohm Resistor (x3) Current limiting and pull up Vetco Electronics
Mode Jumper 4164 / 41256 mode selector Unknown
Green LED Good DRAM indicator Amazon
Red LED Bad DRAM indicator Amazon
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Project Completed