Glue Logic Random Number Generator

A 0-7 random number generator using exclusively glue logic chips.


This is a random number generator made using only 3 glue logic ICs. How it works is that the 74161 4-bit counter constantly counts up at a rate of 1,000,000 times per second. When the button is pressed, the clock is disconnected from the counter through a AND gate implemented using NAND logic (7400). The number stopped on then is fed into the BCD to 7-segment decoder which drives the 7-segment display.

Part List

Component Description Origin
74161 4-bit binary counter. 74xx grab bag
7400 Quad NAND gate. 74xx grab bag
CD3161E BCD to 7-segment decoder Vetco Electronics grab bag
1 MHz TLL Oscillator Clock eBay
Push Button Stop button Broken alarm clock
Resistor Stop button pull up resistor Vetco Electronics grab bag
7-Segment Display Number display Unknown
Front Back Schematic Original Parts Broken Clock