Ryzen 1700 vs Intel i7-7700k

By Ryan A. Zimmerman

AMD released their new line of processors. Today, I'm going to review their mid-tier option, the Ryzen 1700, and compare it to its competitor, the Intel i7-7700k. First off, the processor costs a low 329 US dollars. The processor has 8 cores and can handle 16 threads, that being said it is currently the cheapest 8 core processor on the market. The processor has a clock speed of 3ghz and can boost to 3.7ghz if proper cooling is applied. The processor features great value, low default power draw, and a 16mb L3 cache.

With that being said, its direct competitor, the Intel 7700K has some advantages. The 7700k performs better in single threaded tests, it can overclock to a whopping 5ghz while the Ryzen chip barely reaches 4ghz whilst staying stable. This chip also comes with the Intel HD 630 gpu, which can be used for low quality gaming and 3D apps.

Now to gaming. For these benchmarks the 7700k was overcloked to 5ghz and the 1700 to 3.9ghz, they were paired with 16 gb ddr4 3000mah RAM and a GTX 1080. The overcloked 1700 chip, surprisingly, can keep up with the overclocked beast, the 7700k. In games such as The Division and Battlefield 1, the 1700 can even beat the 7700K by a few fps; however, in most games, such as GTA V and Rise of the Tomb Raider, the 1700 does not beat the 7700k and loses by a few fps. So which one should you choose? Well, they both are basically the same price and can somewhat give you the same performance. The 7700k can give you a few more fps in most games, but is 5 or 6 fps worth an extra $20 USD?