Graphical operating system with a Scheme userspace.


XtOS/S is my first real operating system. The kernel is written in C and Assembly. The userspace is written in Scheme which is interpreted at runtime. All code is run in ring 0 and the operating system does not use paging or any other form of memory protection. It is graphical and uses a heavily modified version of the MeME window manager. It has keyboard and mouse support and runs on most IA-32 computers.

Example Userspace Application

(define dx 1)
(while #t (begin
(define x 1)
(define y 1)
(while (< y 10) (begin
(while (< x 10) (begin
      (wm-put-pixel stdio-window (+ 100 (* x (sin (+ x dx)))) (+ 100 (* x (cos (+ x dx)))) 7)
      (set! x (+ x 1))
      (set! x 1)
      (set! y (+ y 1))
      (set! dx (+ dx 1))