YouTube API Quotas

NOTE: This article is now outdated, LiteTUbe no longer uses YouTube's official API.

YouTube API Quotas are way too small for the cost of each request. The cost of just one search is 100. The maximum amount of queries per day is 1,000,000. Take 1,000,000 and divide it by 100 and you get 10,000. This means that you can only do 10,000 searches a day. You might be thinking "but Carver, when would you ever go over 10,000 searches?" To that I say, all the time. I use three YouTube API keys to run LiteTube. I keep having to add more API keys because the old ones keep getting maxed out before the end of the day, and I only get anywhere from 300-800 users a day. So, in my opinion, YouTube should make the quota higher or make the quota cost for making a search lower.

API Cost
The cost to make one search request.
Quota Usage
How much quota LiteTube uses on just one of its keys.
LiteTube Analytics
How many users LiteTube got on 7 Dec 2018.